Born Again – The story of Abudu Salah

"As my Father hath sent me, even so I send I you"

John 20:21b (KJV)

Born Again – The story of Abudu Salah

A woman named Abudu Salah is the daughter of Chief Abubakari Abudu who contested to become the chief of Bole (Bolewurah), which led to a protracted chieftaincy dispute. This dispute led to communal violence, and houses as well as other properties were torched and burnt. Abudu Salah and her family lost many properties including Abudu Salah’s convenience shop. This landed her in a desperate situation leading her to sleep with men to earn a living. She had the opportunity to hear the Gospel through the audio bible. After listening to the Gospel, Abudu Salah has fully given her life to Christ.

By the Grace of God, she has become a changed person after accepting Christ and has resolved to trust God to provide her needs, and that with Christ things will change in her life again.

When the office heard her story and her resolution to serve the Lord come what may, she was given some seed money as capital to start her life afresh. Our prayer is that she will experience growth in all spheres of her life in Christ.

Abudu Salah_s Burnt properties

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