Hailu Iddrisu is a 22 years old lady from Boko. Hailu was just age of 14 years old and in class 5 when her aunty came to pick her from her parents to stay with her and help nurse her children. Hailu’s aunty however refused to enroll her to further her education so she became a dropout. She has since stayed with her aunty for almost 8 years now.

According to Hailu, one fateful day after taking her shower, she went into her room to dress up and upon looking into the mirror, a face appeared; she got frightened and threw the mirror away. She decided to pick the mirror up since she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. She picked the mirror up and the same face appeared again so she screamed and rushed outside to tell her aunty what she saw but her aunty shouted at her.

Since then, she started having sleepless nights coupled with horrible nightmares. This affected her health. Her aunty took her to a certain herbalist who gave her concoction to drink but that didn’t help her. So, they moved from one sorcerer to the other seeking solutions to her ailment but to no avail. According to Hailu, the spirits haunting her one day took her from her home to a far faraway place. It took her family a very long period to finally find her. Hailu claimed that she started hearing and talking to these spirits after she was found and brought back home. The spirits also asked her to kill certain babies in her community which she refused but the spirits threatened to kill her if she refuses to do their bidding. Her life at this point became miserable and even though her family continue to take her to see different sorcerers, her situation rather kept on worsening.

A friend of Hailu advised her to go to church in order to be delivered from these spirits but she was reluctant to hid to her advice because she is a Muslim and was wondering what other Muslims would say when they realise she’s going to church. However, she decided to go to church after her situation became rampant. Hailu stated that the church was having an extensive fasting and prayer program the very day she went to church. Upon reaching the church she claimed she couldn’t stay so she rushed out from the chapel but some of the members were asked to chase her and bring her back. When they brought her back to the chapel, Pastor Gideon prayed for her and enquired of certain items (an eyelash and a ring) given to her by a sorcerer. She responded that she left the eyelash at home but she had the ring with her. Pastor Gideon took the ring from her and cautioned her not to use the eyelash again.

She stated that she had a sound sleep the very night she went to church and since then she has never stopped going to church. Her life has been transformed and she is now free from the spirits tormenting her. Her health is also stable now to the glory of God.

She has successfully enrolled as a seamstress apprentice by the help of Pastor Timothy.

We thank God for the life of Hailu Iddrisu and for delivering her from the impure spirits that were tormenting her life.

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