Fuseini – A Stone that was rejected

"As my Father hath sent me, even so I send I you"

John 20:21b (KJV)

Fuseini – A Stone that was rejected

Fuseini is 20 years old and hails from the Salvelugu areas whose people are Dagomba and predominantly Muslim. About two years ago, Pastor Emmanuel Issa started visiting him and other young men. When he noticed that Fuseini was more receptive to him and the Gospel, he often shared with them, he gave him one of the small audio Bibles. After listening to the audio Bible for some time, Fuseini gave his life to Christ and started going to church with Emmanuel. His father summoned him one day and threatened that he should recant his faith. Seeing his son was not yielding to his threats and pressure to renounce his faith, he became furious, and took a piece of metal and aimed to hit him. Sensing danger, Fuseini fled from his presence. His father then threw the missile at him but Fuseini bent his head and it flew past him. That ended his stay with his family that day, because he was no longer safe with them. He went to Pastor Emmanuel who now took the responsibility to fend for him.

Fuseini Yussif with COF Director and other church members

To secure his future, Ps Emmanuel discussed with Fuseini a trade he wished to learn. He chose masonry and Ps Emmanuel found a prominent mason who is now teaching Fuseini building construction as an apprentice. To the glory of God, Fuseini has learned fast and can now build houses and also lay tiles even though he has not yet graduated. His father traced him later and managed to find him with Ps Emmanuel after several months. Apparently, he had heard the exploits his son was making as a mason apprentice.

When Fuseini’s father found him, he confessed that what made him act the way he did to his son was because he was influenced by his fellow Muslims who saw Fuseini as an infidel and therefore not fit to live in their community. He had believed that Fuseini’s actions had made him suffer scorn from his peers and thus losing the respect they had for him. As a gesture of reconciliation, he invited his son to visit them at home. Fuseini obliged and he now visits home to help his father on the farm and also using his newly acquired skills in building to do some maintenance work on their home. We thank God for His saving grace which has transformed an ostracized son into a promising mason to the admiration of a once bitter and hateful father. Amen.

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