Life Changing Testimony of Mr. Abugri Charles

Abugri Charles is a 60 years old man, a convert, and a member of the Bakanga Believers Mission International (BMI Assembly).

Before his conversion, Charles battled with a serious ailment which rendered him completely indisposed for more than a year. He was admitted at the Bawku Hospital for a couple of times. As a result of his persistent ailment, Charles sought after remedies from herbalists, sorcerers and other spiritual assistance but all proved futile.

An Audio Bible listening session at the Believers Mission International (BMI Assembly)

During one of their house to house evangelism tour, Brother Godwin (a Timothy) and Brother James (a Titus) visited Charles’ house, shared the Good News and introduced Christ as full of compassion and therefore would heal him just as He healed the man who was lowered down from the roof by his friends (Mark 2:4). Hearing the word of God, Charles repented, surrendered everything to God and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of his life that day.

Some members of the Tempane SHS BMI Campus Fellowship

Charles attended church service the following Sunday in spite of his ailing and weak condition. After the service, some of the church members grouped together and prayed for him. By the grace of God, Charles started recovering from his ailment a few days later. He is now healthy and full of life as any healthy person. Glory be to God.

However, one big challenge Charles is facing now is that his father wants him to assist in rituals and practices that go against his new found faith which he is resisting. Pray with him to be rooted in the word of God and be able to withstand any trial that comes his way.

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