Mr. Justin Kubati Bania’s Testimony

“I had a very miserable life of serving and worshipping idols which had a negative impact on my life and that of my family. This life led me to alcoholism. Alcoholism also led to family disagreements and an eventual separation from my wife! Many demons visited me and attacked me in my dreams. Visibly, I could realize that my life was meaningless, and I became bitter and angry wishing death was a good option. It was at the peak of all these things that I met Pastor Abraham who introduced Christ to me. I noticed I was dragging myself to hell and eternal destruction. I was devastated at the time I heard the salvation message, which prompted me to offer my life to Christ!”

“Since then I have experienced indescribable peace and joy; and I have an assurance of salvation. I have been freed from alcoholism, idol worship and the fear of being killed by idols, etc. This has enabled me to bring my family together, and peace has now returned to my family.   This is because my previous lifestyle had destroyed the relationship between me and my wife. I have also returned to farming and, by grace, I am doing well and fending for my family! My health which had been a challenge due to binge drinking is now restored! I also serve in my local church and also spreading the Gospel of Christ with many coming to Christ in my community! I am grateful to Christ for saving me!”

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