Surrendering it all to God – Gifty Gasekey

Gifty Gasekey lives with her husband and children in a village called Kilanbobli. She used to be an idol worshiper but accepted Christ in early 2019. However, when she confessed her faith in Christ, she did not give up her idols to be destroyed and continued to keep them in her room. God being so gracious, Gifty had the opportunity to hear the Gospel through the audio Bible. After listening to the audio Bible she realized that a believer cannot follow Christ and continue to entertain idols. She was touched by the message and finally brought out her idols to be destroyed. She rededicated her entire life to Christ.

Gifty’s idol

Gifty is now joyful and walking in the freedom that Jesus alone gives to those who obey and follow him.

Missionary Obed and his assistant praying with Gifty and her family before setting fire to the idols

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