The Changed life of Cynthia

Cynthia is a 40 year old woman with five children. She accepted Christ and became part of the church in Bole. Cynthia heard the gospel through the audio Bible and accepted the Lord. Before accepting Christ, she was steeped in idol worship.

What happened that led to her conversion was that she was bitten by a snake and went to see a sorcerer for healing because there was no hospital or clinic around. The sorcerer demanded charges from the woman; a fowl, a goat, an amount of three hundred Ghana cedis equivalent to US$ 55, two bags of peanuts, etc. to be used as rituals for her healing. The charges were too expensive for her to bear so when she heard about us, she came and told us about the charges demanded of her. We prayed for her and encouraged her to trust God and not to yield to the demands of the sorcerer.

We also gave her the audio tape with number 52. She later gave a testimony about how she had an encounter with the Lord after listening to the audio Bible. She brought her personal idols which were in the form of cowries (charm) which she had believed to be the power to protect her life. We destroyed it and led her to Christ finally. She is healthy now and happily serving the Lord.

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