The testimony of Mr Abugri Salam (a converted Muslim) now known as Abugri Samuel

Mr Abugri Salam is now Mr Abugri Samuel – A Muslim-Christian Conversion Story

Mr Abugri Salam, now known as Abugri Samuel is a farmer with 8 children. He became born-again and converted to Christianity on November 2019 by Azure Joseph (Timothy). He is now a member of the Sapeliga Church, Christ Frontiers Mission International.

Before his conversion, Mr Abugri Salam used to be an alcoholic and although he was a Muslim, he wasn’t serious with Islamic prayers. Chaos was always present in his home. Anything that he tries doing does not turn up well. For instance he tried countless times to build his own house but it couldn’t materialise.

When he became born again and encountered the Lord, he has stopped taking alcohol and other hard substances. He also commits anything and everything he does into the hands of the Almighty God and as a result of this, the house that he had tried several years to build but always failed has progressed. By grace of God, he has been able to build his own house in which his entire family are now staying.

Ever since he accepted and encountered Jesus Christ, he has witnessed a great change in his life. Thanks to the Lord Jesus, Mr Abugri Salam and his family have been set free from captivity.

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