The transforming power of God – story of Ekabanye’s brother

Nyaba Na is the junior brother of Ekabanye who surrendered his life to Jesus and brought out his idols to be burnt to the glory of God.

Ekabanye in the middle

According to Obed Iddrisu our missionary (Paul) on the field at the Sawla Centre, Ekabanye’s brother was also into idol worshipping and had his own gods as well. However, having seen his senior brother stop worshipping idols and no calamity had befallen him even after destroying all the idols he had, he drew near to Obed and his team to lead him to Christ and help him convert to Christianity. After few weeks of sharing the word of God and praying with him, Nyaba Na finally accepted Christ as well and brought out all his idols to be burnt.

Ekabanye’s idols

Currently he worships with Obed Iddrisu at the Sawla Centre and they are encouraging him to stay in the Lord and not return to his old life.
 Please pray that Nyaba Na be rooted in the word of God as he grows spiritually in the faith of Jesus Christ.
 Also, just as Ekabanye’s conversion has moved his younger brother to surrender his life to Christ, pray that their testimonies will influence other families members in the community to come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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