The vandalism of a husband opens the door for the salvation of his wife – the story of Alhassan

Alhassan is a 32year old man and a resident of Nanton in the Northern Region of Ghana. Alhassan comes from the Dagomba people group whose population is about a million and predominantly Muslim. Alhassan accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour about 3years ago through the ministry of Noah Mumuni, our missionary in the Nanton area. Alhassan was a Muslim and non-literate before he became converted. By the grace of God, he went through the functional literacy classes which Noah organizes for converts. This programme has enabled Alhassan to read the Bible in his mother tongue, Dagbani. Unknown to Alhassan, his mother who was living in another community had hired thugs to beat him up and to destroy his property because of his commitment to Christ. One fateful morning Alhassan was attacked by these thugs without any provocation. They beat him up and destroyed everything in his household which they could lay hands on. His Bible, for instance, was burnt alongside clothing and foodstuffs.

At the time of this incident, his wife, Memunatu had gone to visit a relative in an adjacent community. Memunatu had hitherto not committed her life to the Lord. She came back home to see her battered husband in anguish and was very astonished at what had happened to him. When the couple later discovered that the attack was sponsored by Alhassan’s mother, because of his faith in Jesus Christ, Memunatu remarked that if people who proclaim to be religious could be that cruel, then she will not hesitate to join the faith of her husband. Thus, Memunatu became a follower of Christ as a result of the maltreatment meted out to her husband, and this supports the saying that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”. Even though Alhassan did not die in the process, the case of this couple could be said to be that “the blows received by Alhassan have become the open door for the salvation of Memunatu.”

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